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Teach Wonderment

The Way of Gnome, The Tales of Limindoor Woods, Book 1

The Way of Gnome, The Tales of Limindoor Woods, Book 1

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Learn the ‘Way of Gnome,’ which is the code of conduct taught by ancient tradition, to raise generation upon generation of gentle-gnomes.

Learn how some gnomes came to live in the magic forest of Limindoor and how they discovered their gifts so they could give back to the world. And meet young Gus and join him on his journey into the enchantments, magic and lessons of the woods of Limindoor.

This wonderful book of stories are lessons in kindness and giving, wrapped up in the magical make-believe world of Limindoor Woods created by experienced Waldorf teacher and storyteller Sieglinde de Francesca

Perfect for bedtime stories or any time of the day or night stories, these gnome stories are some that everyone should have in their library. 

**These stories are best read aloud unless your child reads well at about a 4th grade level and above.


  • The Way of Gnome
  • Written and illustrated by Sieglinde de Francesca.
  • Published by Teach Wonderment, 2015.
  • (9.2oz.) 165 pages
  • Read aloud ages 5+ years
  • 4th grade and above if reading independently
  • Softcover



Sieglinde de Francesca is a talented storyteller and an experienced Waldorf teacher who is also the author of one of our popular parent and homeschooling books, Coloring with Block Crayons, Emphasizing the Primary Colors. 

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Wonders and adventures abound in these captivating and imaginative Tales of Limindoor Woods. And throughout this splendid book are found the universal Ways that are taught to gnomes everywhere - five wise and kind principles that can also inspire us, humans, as we guide the growth and well-being of our own little ones.”- Ann Cowart Lutzky, award-winning author of Those Beautiful Eyes



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