How to Post a Review

Hi there. Wondering how to post a review?

For product reviews:

You can post a review on the bottom of the product page of the item you purchased. Just navigate to that page, scroll down and then add your review.

For Non-Product Reviews:

If you would like to post a review about a blog post, navigate to the blog, the Little Lark Blog, located on the bottom of the home page write your review and submit.

If you would like to post a review about our website, customer service, packing for shipment, or other non-product review, you can navigate to the 'contact us' and send it in that way.

How to make sure you receive our responses

If you notify us through ‘contact us,’ please add our email to your contacts list so our response doesn’t end up in your junk mail. Our email for these responses is .


Thank you for supporting our small business

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