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Our Story

Welcome to Alder & Alouette Toys!

I’m Laura, an experienced K–8 educator, scientist, wife, mother of three, grandmother of six & the owner of Alder & Alouette, a small family run, female owned business in the Pacific Northwest.

Alder & Alouette is committed to offering toys & products for children & families that encourage imaginative play & creativity.

Our quality toys are built to last. They are eco-friendly and whenever possible, made from natural materials like wood, bamboo, cotton, wool, linen & silk, with their end-life destination in consideration. However, these are the kind of toys that, if taken care of, can be passed down for many years.

We source most of our toys from makers in the USA, Europe, or Canada. In addition, anytime we buy toys made overseas, they must be certified as ethically & sustainably made without harm to the earth’s resources or living beings and meet the strictest safety standards for children. In fact, these products must meet the EU's safety standards, which are more strict than the United States. 

Our Story

As mothers do, I devoted my life to raising my children the best way possible. It was the late 1980’s. Plastic, prefab furniture, boxed food & cheap, synthetic products were all the rage. Everything seemed to be artificial & I found this frustrating.

I missed my childhood days playing in the woods, using real tea sets, following ladybugs & caterpillars with my magnifying glass, chasing butterflies with nets, climbing trees & having dolls that were made of natural fabrics! I missed the wood toys of my youth & the creativity I had in using anything I wanted in open play, such as logs for a pirate ship, a stick for my sword & autumn leaves as the ocean waves. I had imagination. My friends had imagination. And we thrived. I wanted that for my children & began searching for a better way for them to play & enjoy life. During their childhoods, most of that had to be handmade. These 'real' toys were hard to come by then.  

When my grandchildren came into my life, I didn’t want their parents struggling to find quality toys and crafts like I did, and I knew what I wanted to do, so I planned out my new adventure, Alder & Alouette Toys, along with her sister store Ninth & Pine. 


We hope you find something you love in our shop.
Live Green & Go Play Outside!


Owner of Alder & Alouette Toys


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