Our Shipping Materials and Practices

All Alder & Alouette products are packed and shipped in 100% recyclable paper-based materials including compostable paper tape with a biodegradable, plant-based, water-activated adhesive.

We also use compostable shipping labels  with compostable backings, compostable mailer bags, compostable envelopes and recyclable Kraft paper for cushioning and tissue. For protection of your product, we may have to enclose them in compostable glassine bags or tie recyclable Kraft or tissue paper wrappings with compostable hemp or jute twine in place of traditional tape. When we do use transparent tape, we use a compostable corn-based version.

Some of our vendors send their products in corn-based cellophane as it is stronger than glassine bags or use cornstarch packing peanuts, which are all compostable and we do reuse these as needed. Though we avoid corn products when possible, we do applaud this over traditional plastic.

You may also occasionally see a product sent in plastic if this is the way the vendor originally sent the product to us; however, no plastic is ever used by Alder & Alouette and the smallest boxes or envelopes possible are used to reduce materials.

We also make a strong practice of reusing cardboard boxes we have received our merchandise and supplies in from our vendors. We believe this makes them twice loved. Please give them some love too if they are still in good shape or flatten and recycle them as needed. They also make great grass and weed killers if you choose to create a garden of native plants or pollinator friendly flowers (remember to buy plants and seeds from plants that have never been treated with pesticides or the residue in the nectar can kill or weaken pollinators).

No need to remove any stickers, paper tape or worry about stamp ink either on your cardboard as we only use compostable stickers that arrive on recyclable backings, compostable paper tape, and soy inks for our stamps. If you see plastic tape left behind from a vendor shipment, it’s been left in place to avoid compromising the strength of the box if removing it will tear up the box.  Please remove it if you will not be reusing the box for packing or shipping before you recycle.

Whenever possible, we also use USPS over UPS for free shipments. This means no new mail routes or trips are created from us. USPS will bring your product along on their regular routes. This reduces carbon output into the environment. Although we offer various shipping speeds and types quicker than standard shipping with USPS, we highly encourage you to choose green and choose USPS standard shipping. If you choose UPS instead, we encourage you to give back to your world by planting trees or native plants to help our planet with each UPS (or FED-X) shipment. 

NOTE: Though we do not use plastic and we strive to use vendors that also do not use plastic, some do for various reasons and your actual product may arrive with plastic shells or wraps. We do encourage you to write or email these vendors and ask for better alternatives. Often, these companies do offset their use by doing something that benefits the environment, but what will benefit it most is to stop the stream of plastic forever. These companies tend to listen to customers in volume, so the more people contact them, the better the outcome may be.

In addition, we may order your item directly from the vendor to you if we are low in stock or if it will save on carbon output from fuel or proximity and they each have their own packing and shipping practices. Again, we encourage you as the consumer to write or email any companies that do not use sustainable packing or shipping practices as your voices in large and repetitive numbers are who they will listen to.  

Thank you for supporting our small business and helping to make the tiny changes towards a plastic-free world that add up to tremendously large benefits.   

Kindly & with Sincere Warmth & Hope, 

The Alder & Alouette

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