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Coloring with Block Crayons: Emphasizing the Primary Colors

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A beautifully written, easily explained guide for parents and educators to teach themselves and their students or children how to color with block crayons in the way they were intended. You can get those beautiful art pieces for yourself and your children or students after using these techniques taught by Sieglinde de Francesca, an experienced Waldorf teacher, artist and author.  

Inside you’ll find a complete introduction to the fundamentals of block crayon artistry, including the basic techniques for drawing landscapes, people, animals, seasons and weather. You’ll also find wonderful suggestions and guidance for illustrating Main Lessons and guiding your students to follow your lead toward beauty. Finally, at the very end, Sieglinde adds the secondary colors and worlds of possibility open wide.

Sieglinde de Francesca’s book was originally written for and distributed through her classes she taught to teachers on block crayon art. Thankfully, she has released it for sale to the rest of us too! Thank you Sieglinde de Francesca! Now we too can teach our kids the techniques of an art master and have more effective drawings. 


  • Written by Sieglinde de Francesca.
  • Published by Teach Wonderment.
  • Ages written for educators and parents of children in elementary school, with a focus on the beginning foundations for grades 1, 2 & 3 to make the upper grades more successful. 
  • Spiral Bound


Sieglinde de Francesca is a talented storyteller and an experienced Waldorf teacher who is also the author of our popular series, The Tales of Limindoor Woods. 

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