Collection: Flutes and Recorders

Most Preschoolers and Kindergartners mostly hear the lyre and glockenspiel and may play with an instrument under supervision like the chimes glockenspiel, or even an interval flute if they are an older Kindergartner.

Most first graders in a Waldorf school first learn to play an interval flute and then the pentatonic wooden flute (usually a Choroi). The lyre, may also be introduced, as well.

From there, a common progression is to continue working with the pentatonic flute and lyre in grade 2, learn a diatonic flute in grade 3, learn a stringed or other instrument of choice in grade 4 while continuing the diatonic flute, focus more on an orchestral instrument--like the flute or perhaps a clarinet--in grade 5, begin one of the four types of recorders by grade 6 (usually alto or soprano), continue the diatonic flute and recorders in grade 7 while adding in a tenor and possibly a bass recorder, and by 8th grade begin focusing on ensemble work with the instrument of choice and skill.