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Nine Gnome Nights, The Tales of Limindoor Woods - Alder & Alouette

Nine Gnome Nights, The Tales of Limindoor Woods, Book 4

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Now continuing this delightful series of gnome books, 'The Tales of Limindoor Woods', by Sieglinde de Francesca comes a Winter Tale, nine of them to be precise: Nine Gnome Nights.

Winter has come to the magical realm of Limindoor Woods and with it the celebration of the fabled Nine Gnome Nights. Join the gnomes of Limindoor as they prepare for this joyous event and celebrate the gnomes’ Wintermas with them on the Ninth Gnome Night! As a bonus, there are some wise words from Mother Comfrey & a very special recipe from Meggy.

This is such a special book to read with your little ones. Our favorite way to read is in front of the fireplace with some cozy blankets and pillows and hot cider. This is a magical book of nine stories that will transport you and your little ones to a festive celebration anytime of the year, but don't pass up the opportunity to read it on a brisk day with ice or snow and some candles or a fire crackling. 


  • Nine Gnome Nights
  • Written and illustrated by Sieglinde de Francesca.
  • Book 4 in the Tales of Limindoor series
  • Published by Teach Wonderment, 2018.
  • Ages 6 years and older
  • (11.1 oz.) 226 pages
  • Softcover



Sieglinde de Francesca is a talented storyteller and an experienced Waldorf teacher who is also the author of one of our popular parent and homeschooling books, Coloring with Block Crayons, Emphasizing the Primary Colors. Here are more of her books that we love to read:



“How can you not love her books? They’re great!”~ Aiden Mateo Bohlander, age 10, Grade 4

“There are wonders & adventures aplenty in these wise, enchanting & imaginative tales of kindness & goodness. These are stories to uplift & inspire child & parent alike.” ~ Ann Cowart Lutzky, award-winning author of Those Beautiful Eyes