Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of joy and time to play in the new year.

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October Crafts, Recipes, & More - Fun Family Traditions

If you read my “Fun September Family Traditions”post, you know how much I enjoy the autumn months—the traditions we hold dear and the warm pace of crafts, cooking, snuggles, day trips, scenery and celebrations. I treasure them. October is the time of year for me when nature really begins her exhale and gives us an autumn gift. 

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A Beginner's Guide to the Craft of Needle Felting

When I was still teaching, our grade-level team celebrated birthdays. For my birthday, I received the most adorable gift from a colleague. It was a needle felted wool painting, and it was the first time I'd ever seen or heard of this amazingly simple, yet pretty craft. I was fascinated and learned everything I could about wool and felting and after many, many years, I'm still fascinated. I'm hooked on this craft and probably will be forever. 

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All About Bats: A Few Batty Resources to Use with Children & for Families

A FEW BATTY RESOURCES arbordayblog.org   Photo from Protecting Our Keystone Species Article by Jennifer Moon on the Arbor Day Blog Part II LEARNING ABOUT BATS If you were with us on the first post of All About Bats, Welcome back! If not, you can catch up here. Bats are amazing mammals. Spend some time this year getting to know them. If you homeschool, you can incorporate practically every subject into a bat unit, including ethics and emotions, in a way that it doesn’t even seem like you are studying a specific subject. It’ll just feel like a fun and interesting time learning about bats!  But isn’t that the way some of the best learning happens? This post is really more of a...

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All About Bats: The Best Bat Guide For Kids & Their Grownups

As a biologist, who had some of her first field experiences with bats in Central Texas, they are absolutely one of my favorites. They are also a perfect animal of which to immerse into every aspect of learning for children. 

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