Collection: Lyra Brand Products

Lyra Brand is a high-quality German brand of art products that are long-lasting, highly pigmented and come in different sizes and shapes. This is a fabulous brand for children to use in school or homeschool. It draws onto the paper in vibrant colors that lay down like butter, is extremely break resistant, and will outlast any school supply aisle brand out there.


Ferby or Super Ferby:

Ferby = shorter pencil, 4.72" (120mm) 
Super Ferby = longer, full length pencil, 6.89" (175mm) 


Ferby/Super Ferby or Color Giants or AMS Colour Giants:

Ferby/Super Ferby = triangular barrel, encourages developing tripod grip; Made in Germany
Color Giants = hexagonal barrel; Made at Lyra's facility in China
AMS Colour Giants = Collaboration between Lyra and Stockmar for Art Makes Sense Brand; Made in Germany


Waldorf or Astoria Selection: 

Waldorf Selection = Specific colors chosen by Waldorf educators to standardize colors regardless of location; based on Goethe color theory; no black, white, flesh tone, gold or silver

Astoria Selection = Specific colors so colors can be standardized regardless of location; includes gold, silver, flesh tone, black and white


Lacqured or Unlacquered Pencils

Lacqured = Painted barrel
Unlacqured = Unpainted, natural wood barrel
(both are silky smooth!)


Storage Options:

 "Box" = Cardboard Box (least expensive storage; least durable; least bulky)
 "Tin" = Metal Tin with Hinged Lid (middle of the road)
Wooden Box with Sliding Lid (most durable; most expensive; most bulky)