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A Donsy of Gnomes, Seven Gentle Gnome Stories - Alder & Alouette

A Donsy of Gnomes by Sieglinde de Francesca - Seven Gentle Gnome Stories

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A Donsy of Gnomes is a series of sweet stories about gentle gnomesHere you'll meet 8 charming gnomes who teach gnome-sized lessons about generosity, selflessness, courage, resourcefulness, and friendship.

You will want to read these stories with your children again and again, and you will both delight in the charming pencil drawings by master storyteller and illustrator Sieglinde De Francesca, an experienced Waldorf teacher and author of one of our best-selling books Coloring with Block Crayons, as well as The Tales of Limindoor Woods Series, a continuation of her magical gnome tales. 

You will also find practical ideas throughout this book for you to create your own gnome fun and imagination with your children through plays, puppetry, costumes, crafts, nature tables, and more. Perfect for bedtime stories, rainy afternoons, sunny days reading under the trees, and anytime you want to encourage imagination and the kindness of gnomes


  • A Donsy of Gnomes
  • Written and illustrated by Sieglinde de Francesca. 
  • Published by Teach Wonderment, 2009.
  • Read Aloud Ages 4+ years
  • Reading Level is an established reader at about 4th grade and older
  • (9.2oz.) 187 pages
  • Softcover


Sieglinde de Francesca is a talented storyteller and an experienced Waldorf teacher who is also the author of one of our popular parent and homeschooling books, Coloring with Block Crayons, Emphasizing the Primary Colors. 

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