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Dark Turquoise You Callin’ Me A Cheetah

You Callin’ Me A Cheetah | Matching Game

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Are You Callin’ Me a Cheetah?! is an animal matching game with a twist. Can you tell a hare from a rabbit? What’s the difference between a llama and an alpaca? Which has two humps – the Bactrian camel or the dromedary?

Players will learn more about their favorite animals and also some new ones in this fun animal game, illustrated by Marcel George’s beautiful watercolours. A great practice for kids between 4 - 7 ready to go to the next level of animal matching. 

Game includes a fascinating booklet, written by a zoologist, explaining the differences between each pair of animals.



  • Illustrated by Marcel George.
  • Published by Laurence King.
  • Ages Recommended for 4+ years
  • Matching Game (or "Unmatching")