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Wooden play bowl, Olive Wood Pretend Doll or Play Kitchen Bowl

Wooden play bowl, Olive Wood Pretend Doll or Play Kitchen Bowl

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This hand-carved, unique wooden bowl can be used as a sensory bin scoop, thanks to its more oblong shape. We have several designated for sensory bins in our home; however, they often get recruited for the play kitchen, as baby doll bowls, the sand bin or as little gnome homes (flipped upside down).  We’ve also seen them used as “bridge builders” for toy cars and as mini mountains for our kids small wooden animal toys and dinosaurs. 


We have several designated for dry snacks too in the actual kitchen when a toddler-sized portion is needed. I keep one on my window seal above the kitchen sink for my rings when doing the dishes and love to use one when I want to make sure I keep my serving of yummy, healthy nuts at the recommended size! (They are pretty perfect for this.)

No matter how you use this unique piece, it’s a beautiful addition to the natural home.


Artisans use hand-tools to carve and shape pieces of olive wood stumps and roots into these pretty scoop-shaped small bowls. Each one is unique and full of character. Olive Wood is a dense wood with gorgeous, unique wood grains. You may even see the artisan’s tool marks as they shaped these from olive wood remnants into multi-purpose treasures.

Sturdy enough to hold up, but small enough for children to use and with the beautiful warm, smooth and solid texture of real wood, these are beautiful, natural editions to the home. 

 **(Small spoon not included.)


  • Hand carved
  • Solid olive wood sustainably sourced
  • approximately 2.5-3” wide and about 4” long 
  • Finished with a plant-based oil
  • Made in Kenya
  • Fair trade certified



  • Hand wash only, dry right away
  • Do not leave submerged in water
  • Not recommended for water play 
  • Occasionally rub with beeswax or a plant-based oil to maintain sheen and viability
  • We recommend a beeswax and coconut oil mixture or a beeswax and organic jojoba oil mixture. An oil made for cutting boards will work as well.


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