Wooden Holder for Felting Needles - Alder & Alouette
Wooden Felting Needle Holder - Alder & Alouette
Wooden Felting Needle Holder - Alder and Alouette
Wooden Needle Holder for Felting Needles

Wooden Holders for Felting Needles (1, 4, 6)

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Our Wood Felting Needle Holders hold your needles and give you a more comfortable grip.  There is a single needle holder, a four needle holder and a six needle holder. 

Made of smooth hardwood in Germany, these wooden holders fit nicely in your grip. The needle holder itself is about 1/2 and inch in diameter and unscrews to let you change out your needles.  

Brand: Filges

Recommended Supplies for Needle Felting: 

  • Felting Mat (Foam or Wool)
  • Felting Needles (Fine & Course)
  • Felting Needle Holder (1, 4, or 6)
  • Wool Roving
  • Book or Pattern or Inspirational Idea