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The Graveyard Book | Middle Grade Fiction - Alder & Alouette
The Graveyard Book | Middle Grade Fiction - Alder & Alouette

The Graveyard Book | Middle Grade Fiction

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In The Graveyard Book, his first full-length novel for middle-graders since the international bestseller "Coraline," Neil Gaiman introduces Bod, a boy who is the only living resident of a graveyard.


Nobody Owens, known as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be completely normal if he didn’t live in a graveyard, being raised by ghosts, with a guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor the dead. There are adventures in the graveyard for a boy—an ancient Indigo Man, a gateway to the abandoned city of ghouls, the strange and terrible Sleer. But if Bod leaves the graveyard, he will be in danger!

The softcover 10 Year Anniversary edition of The Graveyard Book includes a foreword by Margaret Atwood as well as sketches from the illustrator, handwritten drafts, and Neil Gaiman’s Newbery acceptance speech. 

This middle grade novel is an excellent choice for tween readers in grades 5 to 6, as well as grades 7 & 8, especially during homeschooling or after school time. It’s a fun way to keep your child entertained and engaged, yet reading and reading and reading while not in the classroom.

Originally written for ages 10 to 13 years, this book has won awards for 4th grade readers through early high school readers interest level simply because of a really great storyline and has won many, many awards over a span of FIVE years! That’s impressive. A book your elementary school child, middle school child and high school child will all enjoy. Ummm, Family Book Club Night anyone!


The Graveyard Book, a modern classic, is the only work ever to win both the Newbery (US) and Carnegie (UK) medals.

  • Cybils | Winner | Fantasy/Middle Grade | 2008
  • Booklist Starred Review | 2008
  • Horn-Book Magazine Starred review | 2008
  • Kirkus Book Starred Review | 2008
  • Newbery Medal | Winner | Children's | 2009
  • Carnegie Medal | Winner | Children’s | 2009
  • Audies | Winner | Children’s 8 to 12 | 2009
  • L.A. Times Book Prize | Finalist | Young Adult Literature | 2008
  • L.A. Times Book Prize | Finalist | Young Adult Literature | 2008
  • Indies Choice Book Awards | Winner | Young Adult Fiction | 2009
  • Locus Award | Winner| Young Adult Fiction | 2009
  • Audies | Finalist | Suspense | 2009
  • Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards | Honor Book | Fiction & Poetry | 2009
  • Capitol Choices: Noteworthy Books for Children and Teens | Recommended | Ten to Fourteen | 2009
  • Capitol Choices: Noteworthy Books For Children and Teens | Recommended | Audio | 2009
  • Hugo Award | Winner | Novel | 2009
  • Midwest Booksellers' Choice Award | Winner | Children's Literature | 2009
  • Great Stone Face Book Award | Nominee | Grades 4 - 6 | 2009
  • World Fantasy Award | Nominee | Novel | 2009
  • Isinglass Teen Read Award | Nominee | Grades 6-8 | 2009 - 2010
  • Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award | Nominee | Children's | 2010
  • Kentucky Bluegrass Award | Winner | Grades 6 - 8 | 2010
  • Delaware Diamonds Award | Nominee | High School | 2009 - 2010
  • Golden Archer Award | Nominee | MiddleSchool / Junior High | 2010
  • Greenaway Medal | Nominee | Illustrator | 2010
  • Volunteer State Book Award | Nominee | Young Adult | 2010
  • Garden State Teen Book Award | Winner | Fiction | 2011
  • Evergreen Young Adult Book Award | Nominee | Young Adult | 2011
  • Grand Canyon Reader Award | Nominee | Tween | 2011
  • Sequoyah Book Awards | Nominee | Intermediate | 2011
  • Young Reader’s Choice Award | Intermediate / Grades 7 to 9 | 2011
  • Nene Award | Nominee | Children's Fiction | 2012
  • Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award | Nominee | Grades 6-8 | 2012
  • Golden Archer Award | Nominee | Middle School / Junior High | 2013
  • Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Book Award | Nominee | Grades 4 to 8 | 2013
  • Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award | Nominee | Grades 6 to 8 | 2013
  • A #1 New York Times Bestseller spent 61 weeks in the top 10 beginning in 2009



The Graveyard Book

  • Written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Dave McKean.
  • Published by Harper Collins, October 1, 2008.
  • Ages 10 years and older
  • Middle Grade Fiction
  • Genre: Fantasy/Magic
  • Hardcover: 1.3" H x 8.1" L x 5.8" W (1.0 lbs) 368 pages
  • Softcover: 1.1" H x 7.4" L x 5.1" W (0.78 lbs) 368 pages



“The Graveyard Book, by turns exciting and witty, sinister and tender, shows Gaiman at the top of his form. In this novel of wonder, Neil Gaiman follows in the footsteps of long-ago storytellers, weaving a tale of unforgettable enchantment.” (New York Times Book Review)

“Like a bite of dark Halloween chocolate, this novel proves rich, bittersweet and very satisfying.” (Washington Post)

“This is, quite frankly, the best book Neil Gaiman has ever written. How he has managed to combine fascinating, friendly, frightening and fearsome in one fantasy I shall never know, but he has pulled it off magnificently - perfect for Halloween and any other time of the year.” (Diana Wynne Jones, author of The Chronicles of Chrestomanci)

“I wish my younger self could have had the opportunity to read and re-read this wonderful book, and my older self wishes that I had written it.” (Garth Nix, author of The Abhorsen Trilogy)

“It takes a graveyard to raise a child. My favorite thing about this book was watching Bod grow up in his fine crumbly graveyard with his dead and living friends. The Graveyard Book is another surprising and terrific book from Neil Gaiman.” (Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler's Wife)

“After finishing The Graveyard Book, I had only one thought ― I hope there’s more. I want to see more of the adventures of Nobody Owens, and there is no higher praise for a book.” (Laurell K. Hamilton, author of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novels)

The Graveyard Book is endlessly inventive, masterfully told and, like Bod himself, too clever to fit into only one place. This is a book for everyone. You will love it to death.” (Holly Black, co–creator of The Spiderwick Chronicles)

The Graveyard Book manages the remarkable feat of playing delightful jazz riffs on Kipling’s classic Jungle Books. One might call this book a small jewel, but in fact it’s much bigger within than it looks from the outside.” (Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn)

The Graveyard Book is everything everyone loves about Neil Gaiman, only multiplied many times over, a novel that showcases his effortless feel for narrative, his flawless instincts for suspense, and above all, his dark, almost silky sense of humor. (Joe Hill, author of Heart–Shaped Box)