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The Festival of Stones: Autumn and Winter Tales of Tiptoes Lightly

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Tiptoes Lightly lives in an acorn high up in the branches of a Great Oak Tree. The Festival of Stones follows her adventures, and those of her friends, through the festivals of Michaelmas, Martinmas, Halloween, Advent and Christmas.

At Michaelmas a real dragon appears, as does Saint Michael (of course), and Farmer John tells the story of “The Most Beautiful Dragon in the Whole World” to his children.

Other tales are told too: an angel tells the story of Martin's Light at Martinmas, Tiptoes recounts at the Festival of Animals how the animals were sung into the world in The Myth of Ella-jah, and Farmer John reads The Burden Bull of Scotland on Christmas day.

On the way, Jeremy Mouse is frightened at Halloween (by a you-know-what!) and almost drowns while sliding on ice (luckily he is saved by Mr. Owl, the vegetarian). At the farm, the children meet the Borodat who lives in the barn, and in the last chapter, the world's first snow-mouse is made by Jeremy Mouse, helped by Tiptoes Lightly and the house fairies, Pins and Needles.

A fun book of short stories to get through the holiday season with. Great for bedtime. 


  • Written and illustrated by Reg Down.
  • Published by Reg Down, November 1, 2005.
  • Ages 5+
  • 0.22" H x 9.02" L x 5.98" W (0.34 lbs) 108 pages
  • Softcover