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The Adventures of Jayne, The Cat Who Was A Dog | Reg Down

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Jayne is a cat, raised as a dog. Found as a new-born she is brought up with a litter of puppies. Jayne does not turn out to be just any kind of dog, she is the top dog, the main-man dog, the king-of-the-castle dog. She holds her tail up straight when she walks and brooks no nonsense.

When they go for a stroll everyone has to stay behind her: her brothers and sisters, her doggy-daddy and doggy-mommy, even the human she keeps as chief backscratcher and can opener. Jayne is a tough cookie--as tough as nails and as cool as cucumbers come--as she proves in (almost) all her adventures: with Big-Bad and Bengal Bob, flying and skydiving, as lifesaver extraordinaire and later as mayor of the great city of New Philawashingyork.



  • Written and Illustrated by Reg Down.
  • Published by Createspace Independent Publishing, March 18, 2014.
  • Ages 7 to 9 years
  • 0.29" H x 9.02" L x 5.98" W (0.42 lbs) 136 pages
  • Softcover