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Tell Me Another Story

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Storytelling benefits development of the imagination in children as they form their own internal “vision” of what the characters and setting look like to them. In Waldorf education, storytelling is an integral and often favorite part of each day.

This second volume of stories from the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America anthologizes favorite stories for the home and classroom from Waldorf early childhood teachers. This is a collection of short stories and so are easy for most adults to retell without the book, as well as fun short reads with the book.



  • Edited by Louise DeForest and Illustrated by Deborah Grieder and Jo Valens.
  • Published by Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America, November 20, 2019.
  • Written for Parents and Educators of Children in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grades One Through Three
  • 0.55" H x 10.0" L x 7.99" W (1.16 lbs) 262 pages
  • Softcover