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Star, Branch, Spiral, Fan Learn to Draw from Nature’s Perfect Design Structures Books Rockport Publishers | Alder & Alouette

Star, Branch, Spiral, Fan Learn to Draw from Nature’s Perfect Design Structures

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As if being responsible for dazzling sunsets and the aurora borealis were not enough, nature is also guardian to the universal principals of design. With mathematical perfection, its recurring structures seem to magically adapt as they show up in hundreds of ways: the radial star at the center of snowflakes, fruits and flowers, and the arms of starfish; spirals at the heart of nautilus shells, unfurling plants, and swirling storm systems.

Borrowing the beauty of nature's forms can help you create beautiful artwork. Observing the structure of nature's forms can help you to be a better designer. The inspiration is limitless. Nature's design magic is a balancing act found in its perfect ratios. The sections of this sketchbook--Star, Branch, Spiral, and Fan--focus on four of those disceptively simple design principles and why they work. Author/artist Yellena James uses her own nature-based drawings to guide readers toward looking closely at each design form and the places where it occurs. Readers will discover ways to use each form in their own artwork, realistically, abstractly, or as motifs in repeat borders and patterns. In a non-academic fashion, the text explains nature's beautiful balances, and the art of using them when you draw and design.




  • Written and illustrated Yellena James.
  • Published by Rockport Publishers, February 1, 2017.
  • Ages Middle School and older
  • 0.5" H x 9.1" L x 7.3" W (0.7 lbs) 128 pages
  • Softcover