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Multiplicando | Educational Math Stories | Multiplication

Multiplicando | Educational Math Stories | Multiplication

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What I love most about using Multiplicando to teach with is that even if I wasn’t teaching about multiplication relationships, this is still a fun, engaging story for children. So, children are learning AND enjoying its tale, well, you just cant beat that!

Multiplicando is the humorous Court Jester to King Divide and Queen Minus. Through a series of 22 stories, children follow Multiplicando’s antics in King Divide and Queen Minus’ Court to explore the relationships of multiplication to addition, subtraction and division.  These memorable stories will stick with children as they move through their studies of mathematics and they will find themselves pulling from the stories again and again. 

To be able to learn in this playful, imaginative way, appropriate to a child’s stage of development, cultivates and quickens the child’s abilities and lays the basis for the future development and understanding of mathematical skills.

Unlike many stories, Multiplicando is not meant to be read all at once. Ideally it would be told in a series of lessons extending over several weeks, presented in conjunction with movement and artistic activities, as well as practice in the math processes involved. Teaching in this way presents a special opportunity to bring math teaching into the imaginative, creative realm, with the wealth of potential benefits that this entails.

Before beginning to tell the story, please be sure to look in the back of the book where you will find a special section "Using Multiplicando."


Most ideal for Grade 3, but some 2nd and some 4th graders may benefit as well. 


  • Multiplicando
    Written by Howard Shrager and Illustrated by Malin Lager.
  • Published by Lemon Tree Press and Independent Publishing, June 8, 2020.
  • 0.12" H x 11.0" L x 8.5" W (0.36 lbs) 60 pages
  • Black and White Sketched Illustrations add to the Charm of these stories
  • Softcover




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