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Modern Miss Mason by Leah Biden | Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Books - Alder & Alouette

Modern Miss Mason by Leah Biden | Charlotte Mason

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Modern Miss Mason is your invitation into an adventure, a call to turn a corner on your already incredible journey of parenting and let Leah Boden show you the fresh face of an age-old perspective on motherhood, childhood, and education. 

As a young mother and new home educator, Leah was overwhelmed by the breadth of available resources. How to know which to choose? What would best guide and inspire her children? Whose voices should she trust?

That's when she discovered the timeless work and words of Charlotte Mason. A ground-breaking and revolutionary voice in education, Charlotte breathed life and beauty back into childhood in a stiff, archaic age, opening the eyes of parent-teachers and the hearts of students--and changing the future of home education.

Let Leah Boden show you how Charlotte Mason's ideas can transform your homeschooling experience. She will help you:

  • find methods that you and your children can explore by learning through books, being outdoors, and through living experiences;
  • recognize that each child is unique and discover how to plan their learning journey accordingly; and
  • learn how to practically incorporate Charlotte's timeless philosophy into your home every day.

In an overwhelming digital age that can distract and divert our attention from the past, turn back to Charlotte Mason's educational ideas that started it all--and discover what they can do for you and your family.



  • Modern Miss Mason
  • Written by Leah Boden
  • Published by Tynsdale Momentum, January 10, 2023.
  • 0.59" H x 8.24" L x 5.58" W (0.51 lbs) 224 pages
  • Softcover