Marjan van Zeyl Postcards, Knight Percival - Alder & Alouette

Marjan van Zeyl Postcards - Knight Percival

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Marjan van Zeyl's postcards bring the beauty of nature, fairytales, celebrations, traditions and festivals from the joyful viewpoint of childhood.

Send these art postcards to friends or include them as part of a nature, seasonal or story-theme table to help set a mood or evoke a feeling.

To some, Knight Percival by Marjan van Zeyl represents the naive youth with little responsibility transitioning into the responsible adult, gaining wisdom through the years. To others, he represents trying to do the right thing and pushing through challenges instead of giving up. While to even more, he represents something else. Being one of King Arthur’s original Grail Knights and followed in the story from irresponsible youth making wrong or rash decisions to a wise adult, faithfully following his path in life, while working through life challenges with grace and perseverance, he means many things to many people. 




  • Knight Percival—by artist Marjan van Zeyl
  • International Design, Netherlands
  • Individual Art Postcard
  • 4.21 x 5.91 inches (10.8 x 15 cm), portrait

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