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Lyre Strings: Auris 7 String Lyre Pentatonic String Set (LBP-LSS 700) Music Auris - Alder & Alouette

Auris 7-String Pentatonic Lyre String Set (LBP)

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This string set is for the Auris My Little Lyre, Children's Pentatonic 7 String, (d-e) LBP-55210075. This string set is made specifically for the Auris My Little Lyre and is a shorter, but thinner string. These strings can be tuned to a very high pitch to reach the ears of babies still in the womb if desired.

Restring your beautiful Lyre anytime when you keep this set on hand. We also recommend Choroi String Oil to keep your strings from becoming dry and brittle If you need a square shaped hole tuning fork or star shaped holes (regular length or long length), we carry those as well. 




This link below will open a document for you created by Auris. 

Changing the Strings, First Tuning, How to Hold