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Kite Paper, 11 Standard Assorted Colors, 8.66”x8.66” (22x22cm)

Kite Paper, 11 Standard Assorted Colors, 8.66”x8.66” (22x22cm)

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This listing is for one kite paper block of 100 pages with 11 assorted standard colors (100 pages total). 

This block is the larger of the two block sizes offered and measures 8.66” x 8.66” (22x22cm). We also sale larger single sheets if needed.


Kite paper is a type of wax paper in different colors that allows the light to show through with a gentle warmth. Kite paper is thin like tissue paper, yet firmer and stronger and with a translucent gloss that makes the light almost seem to glow.

Because it allows light to pass through showing off colors like stained glass, it makes a beautiful window craft decoration, such as translucent window scenes and kite paper window stars.

There are many variations of color combinations, folding and cutting used to create unique and stunning stars and it’s a great geometry activity too.

Traditionally this paper was used for making kites and still is in many places. But today, it is often used for paper crafts, as well. Kite paper can be used for many kinds of creative artwork beyond kites and window stars: decorate lanterns, making hanging stars or garland, snowflakes, pinwheels and your own creations!



  • Kite Paper for Window Stars and other paper crafts
  • Made in Holland
  • By Mercurius
  • Large is 22 cm x 22 cm (8.66” x 8.66”) booklet (block) of 100 sheets
  • Ages around 7 or 8+ years


Paper Craft Glues:

Kite Paper Craft Books and Inspiration

HELPFUL HINT: Use blu tac or dots of glue stick on your window glass to hang stars

COLORS: Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Black, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, Light Orange, Dark Orange, Dark Pink, Red, White (Colors in images may not always appear exact on computer monitors.)

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