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Auris Children's Lyre Pentatonic Left Curved 7 Strings d-e (LNP) Music Auris | Alder & Alouette
Auris Children's Lyre Pentatonic Left Curved 7 Strings d-e (LNP) Music Auris | Alder & Alouette
Auris Children's Lyre Pentatonic Left Curved 7 Strings d-e (LNP) Music Auris | Alder & Alouette

Auris Children's Lyre Pentatonic, Left Curved 7-Strings, d-e (LNP)

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The curved lyre is a basic pentatonic lyre for the introduction of music to young children. This lyre is a left curve lyre with a thicker, but longer string than the My Little Lyre (shorter, but thinner).


The lyre is generally held in your non-dominant hand and can be cradled against the body within the curve or played in the lap. This lyre would be held in the right hand, cradled against the right side and strummed with the left hand. If you would prefer to hold your lyre in your left hand, please see our right curved lyre here. 


We recommend this lyre to use with young children at home, in preschool and kindergarten up to around the 2nd or 3rd grade. We also recommend this lyre to parents of young children and primary teachers who have or have not had musical training as pretty much anything played on this lyre sounds harmonious and pleasant. This a great lyre for children to begin using around the age of 6 years and older to play as well. When held against the body, the child will hear a lighter sound as they strum out and away from the body and a heavier sound as they strum in towards the body. And of course, anything they play will sound pleasant on a pentatonic lyre.

We think this is a great lyre to use with musical games, during circle time, during nap or quiet time, with storytelling and with plays or singing and choirs. 


Auris Pentatonic Children's 7-String left curved Lyre arose out of striving to harmonize movement and melody with the young child's sense of sound. When holding this lyre in the right hand, the lower strings are closer to the body. Deep tones and descending melodies are created by the inward movement of the hand towards the body. Ascending melodies are created by the outward movement of the hand.

What makes this lyre unique?
Due to the special shape of the body, this lyre allows the wood to reveal all its inherent sound qualities. The sound from this particular shape of lyre is especially rich in overtones with a rainbow-like range of sounds. This lyre also has a longer and thicker string set than My Little Lyre does. This curved lyre is a wonderful 
gift for any homeschool parent, teacher, primary school student or parent of young children. 

Hear a sound clip of this lyre here (you may need to scroll down)



  • Brand is Auris
  • Material Maple
  • Tone is Pentatonic (LNP)
  • Left Curved
  • Range is d - e
  • Made in Sweden
  • Freeplay age 6 (with supervision) and older


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Changing the strings, tuning, how to hold and play pdf document 1 from Auris and pdf document 2

⚠️ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.