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A Day For Sandcastles

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A dazzling wordless picture book celebrates creative problem-solving, teamwork, and the sun-splashed wonder of a day at the beach.

The creators of A Day For Sandcastles evoke a perfect summer beach day--and themes of creativity, cooperation, flexibility, and persistence--all without a word in this sun-warmed, salt-stained delight of a story.

A busload of beachgoers spills out onto the sand for a day of fun and frolic. Three siblings begin work on a castle, patting and shaping the sand as the sun arcs over the sky.

Time and again, their progress is halted: a windswept hat topples their creation; a toddler ambles through it; the tide creeps close, and then too close.

Meeting each demolition with fresh determination, the builders outdo themselves time and again, until the moment arrives to pile back into the bus for home.

An authentic portrait of sibling cooperation--and glorious inspiration for creative people of all ages-- A Day for Sandcastles channels the thrill of surrendering expectations on the path to infinite possibility. 



  • Created by JonArno Lawson and Qin Leng.
  • Published by Candlewick Press, May 10, 2022.
  • Ages 4 to 8 years
  • 0.4" H x 11.25" L x 8.6" W (0.9 lbs) 48 pages
  • Hardcover


Gorgeous ink and watercolor illustrations give a constant sense of movement to this wordless picture book. . . an immersive read. The sibs' emotions--frustrated disappointment to hardened determination to elated triumph--are masterfully conveyed in their body language and dynamic poses. . . an obvious choice in anticipation of a beach visit.
--The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Leng renders the beach in sunny watercolors and delicate, wispy ink lines that capture the movement of dune grass, waves, and sand in the wind. The pacing moves like waves, too, with panoramic double-page spreads alternating with pages of panels that zoom in on the action.
--The Horn Book