Collection: Fairy Tales, Fables & Folktales

Fairy tales and Folktales can be broken up into simple tales for three to four year olds, simple but a tad more in depth for four and five year olds, more challenging with obstacles for five and six year olds and more complex where good versus bad is at play for seven year olds and above. A seven year old has the cognitive development to really grasp the more complex tales that the younger children aren’t developmentally ready for yet. 

Check out this list of age appropriate fairy tales compiled into a pdf you can print by the Austin Waldorf School.

The Austin Waldorf school compiled the list from pages 148 to 151 in Beyond the Rainbow Bridge—Nurturing Our Children From Birth to Seven by Barbara J. Patterson and Pamela Bradley, published by Michaelmas Press. 

Fables are short tales with a moral or lesson. They are often best for children 7 years and older.