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Sensory Textured Threading Pebbles | Lacing Stones| Categorizing | Imaginary Play

Sensory Textured Threading Pebbles | Lacing Stones| Categorizing | Imaginary Play

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Children love handling stones! They love threading beads. They love exploring textures. They are natural sorters and categorizers and experts at imagination. This Montessori inspired toy has it all. This is a set of 16 textured threading pebbles or threading stones. But that’s not all!

Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children lace the stones together. Develop early math skills as they sort and sequence the stones by shape, color and texture. Turn them loose with the stones and they will also become stone soup in the kitchen on a sunny day, mud stew after a rainy day or a little fairy’s hide away stacked high with leaves for a roof!

Each set includes 16 threading pebbles in four different shapes, colors and textures plus two laces (measuring 24″), but each set also provides a hundred different imaginary uses by your child—all of them perfectly perfect!


  • By Yellow Door Toys
  • Sensory Threading Stones, Threading Pebbles
  • Pebbles are about 1.5” each
  • 16 Pebbles (4 shapes, 4 textures, 4 colors)
  • 2 lacing strings (24” each)
  • Ages 2+ years
  • Encourages development of eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, pre-sewing skills, early math skills, texture exploration, and a lot of imagination fun


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