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The Children’s Forest — Stories & Songs, Wild Food, Crafts & Celebrations All Year Round — Waldorf Style

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The Children's Forest: Storyies & Songs, Wild Food, Crafts & Celebrations All Year Round is a sought after book has been difficult to find in the U.S. until last year and even then, copies were limited! I had to purchase my copy from the U.K. when it first came out and pay international shipping. But now we have several copies on reserve. The publisher has increased what they send to the U.S. but it’s still limited, so if you’ve been looking for this book, grab it while you can.


This is an exceptional children’s nature book and nature crafts book about encouraging children's natural fascination with the forest, traditions, seasons, holidays, holiday craftsnature crafts and seasonal rhythms.

The authors have produced an enchanting book in the Waldorf style where imagination, story and play bring alive the world of nature and the seasonal celebrations. Full of games, facts, celebrations, craft activities, recipes, foraging, stories and skills, this is much more than a manual: it is an invitation to fun.

The book is organized into eight parts. Within each chapter are the following sections: The Life of the Forest, Plant Lore, Imaginary Journey, Tree Lore, Activities, Crafts and Games, Animals, and Celebration. The appendices at the end of the book cover woodland skills, safety, story sources and further resources.

This is such a fun and interesting book that really gets children involved in the outdoors, but also in making connections to the four big seasonal changes we are all familiar with (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) and connecting with the more subtle changes during each season that you’ve most likely noticed but never really thought about.


Recommended as a supplement to Waldorf homeschooling programs, an after school nature program or as a stand alone book for any family. 



  • The Children's Forest: Storyies & Songs, Wild Food, Crafts & Celebrations All Year Round
  • Written and illustrated by Dawn Casey, Anna Richardson and Helen D’Ascoli. 
  • Published by Hawthorn Press, June 1, 2020.
  • Ages 5 to 12 years (adult directed for most children)
  • 1.0" H x 9.8" L x 8.0" W (2.25 lbs) 336 pages
  • Softcover



With this beautiful book--coauthored by Dawn Casey, Anna Richardson, and Helen d'Ascoli--Hawthorn Press have scaled fresh heights in its vocation to put inspiring storytelling resources into our hands. There is naturally a practical aim at work in providing 'stories and songs, wild food, crafts, and celebrations all year round.' But this achieved with visual and verbal excellence."----Donald Smith, Scottish International Storytelling Festival