Gray Handmade Medieval Sword Girdle

Handmade Medieval Sword Girdle

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This handmade sword-girdle is made of woven hemp rope that is about 112 cm long (about 44"). It can accommodate a waist up to about 95 cm around (about 37"), or if your little one is shorter, may be able to be worn as a Sword Baldric draped over the shoulders diagonally. Pair this with one of our medieval handmade wooden swords and your little knight is ready to battle those dragons. 
Caution: Do not let children wear this around their necks. Age recommendation is 5 and older. 
And if anyone is a Prince Martin fan or fan of medieval tales, the girdle, along with a sword, will be the perfect gift to accompany many of our books about knights, dragons, castles and more. 

Other swords, daggers and accessories include: 

About This Brand: We buy our medieval pretend toys and dress up costumes from a family in Perl, Germany, who proudly hand-make their products using eco-friendly methods. We love that this toy is handmade and we love that it's from the European region known for its fairy tales and medieval legends! What more could a little knight ask for!


Note: When toys or costumes are handmade of natural products, such as leather or wood, each one will be unique. Variations in the appearance of each toy is a sign of handmade craftsmanship and your pretend play toy will be one of a kind.