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Tan Small Hand Carved Olive Wood Play Scoop

Small Hand Carved Olive Wood Play Scoop

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Hand-carved, solid Olive Wood play scoops are great for sensory tubs and sand boxes so kids can scoop and scoop. The warm, natural feel of the wood and the hefty, solid, smooth feel in their hand is so much better to have for play than plastic. Each natural scoop has been finished with just a rub of sunflower oil to show off the natural grain but also to protect the wood from drying out.

Scoops are approximately 4.5" long; due to the natural material and hand-made nature, each scoop will be individual in its appearance. 


  • Hand Carved
  • Solid, Olive Wood
  • 4.5” long
  • finished with sunflower oil
  • Ages 2+
  • Listing is for 1 solid olive wood scoop