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Plant Pigment Powder - Artemis, 50 mL Bottle

Plant Pigment Powder - Artemis, 50 mL Bottle

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Artemis Watercolors convey the lively character, the inner blaze of plant colors, in a very beautiful way. The transparent plant watercolors are suitable for all watercolor techniques. Scumbling and layering produce a particularly intense shine.

Artemis Plant Watercolors are available as color plant pigmentsFor painting with the color pigments, a binding agent like the Artemis Wax and Resin Emulsion can be used. During the drying process the pigments, once embedded in the resin, produce a half scumble effect with extraordinary brilliance.

Opened jars and prepared paint can be best kept in the refrigerator.

Color Plant Pigments 50 ml. jar each 1.7 fl. oz. (50ml), Alkanet Red weight: 1.06 oz


  • Artemis
  • Plant Pigment Powder
  • 50 ml jar each (1.7 fl. oz.)
  • 14 colors available


01 carmine red | 02 vermilion | 03 kamala orange | 04 buckthorn berries (golden yellow) | 05 mignonette (lemon yellow) | 07 leaf green | 09 indigo blue | 11 alkanet red | 12 redwood purple | 14 cutch brown | 15 logwood black | 30 walnut (brown) | 31 madder red (pure) | 35 indigo purple

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