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Light Goldenrod Painting at School: A Handbook for Elementary and Secondary Education (Paperback)

Painting at School: A Handbook for Elementary and Secondary Education

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Children need color as much as they need music in their lives - authentic, vibrant color. "Painting at School" illustrates in full color how to introduce and sustain regular painting lessons at school or with homeschool so that youngsters can experience color deeply and steadily.

Expression, joy, technique, and direct color experiences are all part of a well-done painting lesson.

Each chapter assists with new ideas for moving the child through a building vocabulary of painting. Both parents and teachers will enjoy the help that this book gives in order to lead our children through artistic experiences. 


  • Written by Artie Lichthart and Dick Bruin.
  • Published by Waldorf Publications, March 14, 2018
  • Ages: Written for Parents and Educators
  • 0.75" x 10.0" x 7.01" (1.53 lbs.) 288 pages
  • Softcover

About the Authors

Dick Bruin (1953) and Attie Lichthart (1948) have been connected to Waldorf schools since the seventies, as teachers of art and art history. Both teachers have joined in the active group that has gathered for many decades yearly at Whitsun in Ulm (Germany) to study Rudolf Steiner's suggestions for arts and the use of color in education. Nowadays, Attie Lichthart is connected to the movement of Waldorf schools in Greece, and Dick Bruin is headmaster of a Waldorf school in the Netherlands. He is also teaching at the Tobias Schools of Art in the Great Britain and furthermore works as and art director at a Waldorf school in Taiwan.