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OuiSi Original: Games of Visual Connection Card Games - Alder & Alouette
OuiSi Original: Games of Visual Connection Card Games - Alder & Alouette

OuiSi Original: Games of Visual Connection | Educational Game

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OuiSi Original ("we-see") is a set of 210 visually-connecting photo cards, with games and activities that foster creativity and ignite curiosity, regardless of age.

Each lush photo card connects visually with other cards in the deck, based on similar patterns, shapes, colors - really, anything you can imagine. Thousands of visual connections are waiting to be found, each providing a wonderful "aha!" moment.

Recommended for ages 4+ years.



  • Finalist for the 2022 ASTRA Best Toy For Kids Competition
    2021 OuiSi Original Tillywig Toys Best Creative Fun Award Winner
  • 2021 OuiSi Original Creative Child Awards Game of the Year Winner
  • 2021 OuiSi Original (NAPPA) National Parenting Product Awards Winner



On top of the 210 lush, 3”x3” extra-thick photo cards (like stacks of polaroids), you’ll find inside OuiSi Original:

  • Instructions for seven creative activities like OuiSi EyeSpy, Draw and OuiSinoes. Playable solo or collaboratively (ages 4+).
  • Instructions for two competitive games that demand visual acuity and strategic thinking (ages 10+).
  • A guide to open-ended play, learning and mindfulness.

For more info about the cards and the guides, visit our FAQs page.

 Suffice to say, OuiSi is packed with hours and hours of play and discovery.



All photography is original and mostly taken in New York City. The photos capture small marvels found everyday, from a crushed pop can to a sidewalk puddle. Each card is an invite to set down your tech gadgets and notice your own marvelous, everyday world.

The name of this inventive set of photo cards is “yes-yes” in French and Spanish/Italian, pronounced “we-see” in English. Fun, isn’t it? It’s a nod to our belief that pictures are a language almost all of us speak, regardless of age or background.


OuiSi encourages critical thinking and collaboration - like building off another player's card, or asking about the basis of a connection. Our games foster observation and inquiry - "how does something connect?" or "what do you see here?" These questions are excellent building blocks for conversation, and plant seeds of curiosity into how the world is a connected place.

Fortunately OuiSi is also fun and intuitive for kids! And parents will love the flexibility of the photo cards and activities. In fact, you can lose or damage a few cards(because we know as parents that this can happen with kids and games), and it won’t affect the playability of OiuiSi.