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Nimble Thimble Leather Thimble with Metal Tip - Alder& Alouette

Nimble Thimble Leather Thimble with Metal Tip, Size Small

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Protect your fingers while sewing or needle felting using the Nimble Thimble Leather Thimble with Metal Tip.

This pack contains one leather soft thimble called a Nimble Thimble featuring a protective metal tip that guides the needle through multiple layers with ease.

Made of leather, this durable soft thimble conforms to the shape of your finger, stretches for a long-lasting fit and allows you to control the needle as it glides through. An opening at the end of the thimble keeps your fingernail free and lets your fingertip breathe.

A small is the smallest we have for children. It fits a finger with diameter (distance across; not distance around) of about 14-15 mm (9/16”) just above the first finger joint. Most who are sewing wear them on the middle finger. They are game changers for embroidery, cross stitch, doll making, darning and any other type of hand sewing. 



  • Nimble Thimble
  • Black Leather
  • Metal Tip
  • Open End for Fingernail
  • Lets Finger Breathe
  • Protects Finger
  • Metal Tip Pushes Needle Through Thick Fabrics