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Ladybugs Ephemera Loes Botman | Alder & Alouette

Ladybugs | Loes Botman

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Lady Bugs is a vividly beautiful illustration by Loes Botman that is worthy of framing. Your loved one who receives this pretty art card from you in the mail will adore this card.

Did you know that lady bugs are not true bugs? They are beetles and are sometimes called Lady Bird Beetles, depending upon where you live. Lady bugs can’t hurt people but are voracious predators of aphids, scales and spider mites and can even release a stinky liquid that makes them smell and taste bad if frightened. But they are also beautiful beetles and Loes has captured that beauty in her art. 


  • Artist: Loes Botman
  • Medium: Pastels
  • Dimensions: approximately 6”x 4”
  • Landscape Style


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