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Kingfisher Ephemera Loes Botman | Alder & Alouette

Kingfisher by Loes Botman Art Postcard

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Kingfisher is a beautifully illustrated art card of this master fishing bird by Loes Botman in pastels. This is such a strikingly pretty bird in reality and in Loes’ work.


Kingfishers dont have a song but instead have a distinctive flight call, which is a shrill, dry, screeching whistle. They are expert fishers, and can spear their prey while lazily flying over water. Sometimes, they will watch for fish or crayfish from above the water while sitting on a branch and then dive to spear their prey. 


  • Artist: Loes Botman
  • Medium: Pastels
  • Dimensions: approximately 4” x 6”
  • Portrait Style

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