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King Maximo and the Number Knights, Math Stories - Alder & Alouette

King Maximo and the Number Knights | Educational Math Stories

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In King Maximo and the Number Knights, twelve knights go on a quest to answer King Maximo's question, "Which is the greatest number?" Returning, each knight's account describes the quality of their chosen number, including rich examples from life. Each number is then highlighted in a poem by the court jester and then illustrated on a coat of arms for each knight.

The story is written as 12 lessons, one per chapter. King Maximo has sent his knights into the world to find the world’s greatest number. They return to his great hall and tell the tale of their great adventures, including their discovery of what they think is the world’s greatest number and why. Within their descriptions are numerous opportunities for lessons and activities about connected, but different domains. From anatomy, to art, to seasons, to earth science, the number of paths a parent or educator could take combined with each number study are numerous and relevant.

Whether you’re a homeschooler or an educator, King Maximo and the Number Knights is a delightfully engaging way to teach numbers to young children! 


  • King Maximo and the Number Knights
  • Written by Howard Shrager and Illustrated by Malin Lager.
  • Published by Lemon Tree Press and Independent Publishing, October 6, 2020.
  • 0.23" H x 11.02" L x 8.5" W (0.67 lbs) 88 pages
  • Softcover