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Kalid Medieval

Kalid Medieval Toy Short Sword with Crested Scabbard & Rope Girdle

Kalid Medieval Toy Short Sword with Crested Scabbard & Rope Girdle

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This handcrafted, pretend play toy sword and scabbard is just what your little knight needs when he or she needs to fight off the dragons and ogres attacking the castle. 
The wooden toy sword is made of beechwood with a vegan leather-wrapped grip and measures 50 cm (about 19.7"). The scabbard is made of burlap (hessian), soft vegan suede, and matching trim with a dragon sewn to the front. The sword-girdle is made of woven hemp rope. You can find a matching wooden dragon shield here
And if anyone is a Prince Martin fan or fan of medieval tales for kids, a shield and sword will be the perfect gift to accompany many of our books about knights, dragons, castles and more. 

THIS TOY SWORD IS A GOOD SIZE FOR KIDS FROM ABOUT 5/6 YEARS UP TO ABOUT AGE 10 YEARS. We recommend one of our soft swords for children under 5 years. 
  • Kalid Medieval Toys
  • Beechwood toy sword, short
  • Dragon Crest
  • Vegan Leather Suede wrapped handle
  • Vegan Scabbard & Girdle
  • About 19.7” long (50 cm long), 0.49 lb
  • Made in Barcelona, Spain


 ⚠️ WARNING: STRANGULATION HAZARD - This toy contains a long cord which could cause strangulation. Not for children under 5 yrs. 


Teach children to not point or swing this at people's or animal's faces and that it can cause injury if not treated and played with respectfully as a true Knight would. This sword is for pretend play only. 


We buy our vegan material, medieval pretend toys and dress up costumes from a family business in Barcelona, Spain, who proudly hand-make their products using eco-friendly methods.
We understand that not everyone is comfortable with real leather wrapped around the play sword handles and on the sheaths. We honor that by providing these exceptionally well made medieval toys of beechwood and vegan embellishments, such as jute, hemp and vegan suede, in lieu of leather.
We love that this toy is handmade and we love that it's from a European region known for its medieval tales of pirates, buccaneers, spice travelers, Kings, Queens and castles!


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