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Flute Swabbing Leathers | Replacement Leathers - Alder & Alouette
Flute Swabbing Leathers | Replacement Leathers - Alder & Alouette

Choroi Flute Swabbing Leathers

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Flute cleaning swab for Choroi Flutes. This is a replacement leather for the end of the wooden flute swab (leather only) for interval, pentatonic or diatonic flutes. The leather is manufactured so that it cannot damage the delicate insert on the inside of the flute and should therefore not be replaced with any other cloth. If you’d like to replace the leather AND the wooden stick part of the swab, go here



  • Choroi
  • Flute Cleaning Swab
  • Leather
  • For the Interval Flute
  • For the Pentatonic Flute
  • For the Diatonic Flute
  • Made in Sweden


For health reasons we are not able to accept returns for flutes, tone blocks or cleaning swabs, even if it has not been used. All flute sales, tone block sales and cleaning swab sales are considered final.  

Note: If you need to order more than just a few, we can special order these for you at no extra charge. We offer a discount if ordering in bulk. Please get in touch with us to discuss a quote at 1+ (360) 358-3387 or info@alderandalouette.com.