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Elegant (Two Swans) | Art Card | Post Card | Notecard | Loes Botman - Alder & Alouette

Elegant (Two Swans) | Loes Botman

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Elegant is just that—an elegant illustration of two lovely swans. These pretty and graceful swans are drawn in pastels by Loes Botman who has captured their elegant beauty. This is a lovely card to send to loved ones. I also love using my Elegant card when we read and re-enact The Ugly Duckling Fairy Tale. Children love to hold onto the card too as you tell the story.

This card was a sweet addition to our homeschool table that week. Afterwards, my little one wrote a nice letter to her grandmother and we took a trip to the post office to buy a stamp and see how mailing something works. Luckily she was at her grandmothers when it arrived in the mail and was able to see its beginning and its end.  Letter and postcard correspondence is a lovely gift and habit and one of the things all children should learn to do. 


  • Elegant Postcard
  • Artist: Loes Botman
  • Medium: Pastels
  • Dimensions: approximately 4” x 6”
  • Portrait Style


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