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Felted Sky

Core Wool Batting and Natural Stuffing for Dolls & Toys | Wool Stuffing

Core Wool Batting and Natural Stuffing for Dolls & Toys | Wool Stuffing

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This is some very fluffy wonderful 100% wool batting. It can be used in a wide range of applications and yes, it felts well!  It is 100% wool from the US in an off white/cream color that has been washed and carded.

This wool is used in sculptural needle felting kits to make the base shape that gets covered in colored wool.m and is called a core wool when used this way.

It also works well as a natural stuffing for all kinds of sewn decorations and small toys. I've used it in many of my handmade toys and am so very happy with this batting.

It wet felts as well if you are looking to make your own backing for felted pictures or some diy dryer balls.

The special order sizes are ordered directly from the source in the mid-west when you purchase them. Add on a few extra days for shipping if you purchase the special order sizes  

(If you sew a lot of things like dolls and soft toys that need to be stuffed, it’s so worth keeping a 1 or 2 pound roll available for that in your sewing room. You just pull what you need straight from the roll. I find it’s so fluffy, I use less than I would of cotton stuffing and a lot less than synthetic stuffing with the same stuffed results.) 



  • Procured from domestic, small sheep farmers in the U.S.
  • Washed and carded
  • Perfect for core wool, natural stuffing, dryer balls or as a felted canvas
  • My favorite natural stuffing for dolls and toys


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