Elsa Beskow Gift Collection Peter in Blueberry Land - Alder & Alouette

An Elsa Beskow Gift Box Collection: Peter in Blueberry Land and Other Beautiful Books (Boxed Set)

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Enter the world of Elsa Beskow, 'Sweden's Beatrix Potter', and meet a cast of enchanting characters in this second gift box collection of five additional books!

This stunning Elsa Beskow gift box includes mini editions of Elsa Beskow's classic books Peter in Blueberry LandAround the YearOllie's Ski Trip and The Sun Egg, and an exclusive edition of Emily and Daisy.

One of Scandinavia's most famous illustrators, Elsa Beskow's stories of little folk and magical kingdoms have captured the imagination of children for generations. This charming collection is a lovely addition to any child's bookshelf.


  • Elsa Beskow Gift Box Collection
  • Written and illustrated by Elsa Beskow.
  • Published by Floris Books, Scotland; August 7, 2018. 
  • Ages 3 to 7 years
  • 5 Books, 160 pages total
  • 2.2” x 7.2” x 7.0” (2.1 lbs)