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Big and Small and In Between | Sizes, with a Twist - Alder & Alouette

Big and Small and In Between

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This wide, wonderful world contains many things. Some things are as big as a family of bears; some are as small as a reflection in a puddle. Some things are felt rather than seen.  

In between it all is . . . you. What kinds of things will you collect?  

Big and Small and In Between is a lovely, lyrical book that collects and categorizes the world by size. Divided into three chapters with three specially paper-engineered separations, every page encapsulates one precious moment that perfectly represents both a size and an experience.

Beloved author Carter Higgins' poignant, poetic text and Daniel Miyares' incandescent illustrations capture a whole new way of seeing the world in this beautiful, giftable meditation on what it means to be a kid-and what it means to be a human.  

Every child learns about size, usually through nonfiction. This book makes the concept of size personal and emotional, something that changes how you feel in any given situation.

This book will change the way every kid encounters the world. Is their room smaller than their parents' or bigger than a mouse's? Is a rock a big hill for an ant or a small pebble for a bear? The mix of poetic and practical in this text makes every life experience worth investigating both from far away and with a microscope.


  • Big and Small and In Between
  • Written by Carter Higgens and illustrated by Daniel Miyares.
  • Published by Chronicle Books, April 12, 2022.
  • Ages 4 to 8 years
  • 0.58" H x 8.34" L x 8.33" W (0.96 lbs) 98 pages
  • Hardcover