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Arts and Crafts in Waldorf Schools, An Integrated Approach | Waldorf Curriculum

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Arts and crafts are a core part of the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum, helping children to develop emotionally, physically, and socially, as well as learning practical skills.

Arts and Crafts in Waldorf Schools Is a comprehensive book that addresses every aspect of arts and crafts, including woodwork, forestry, metalwork, stone carving, clay modeling, pottery and much more.

Written by experienced Waldorf craft teachers, this comprehensive book is an invaluable tool and resource for Middle and Upper School (Classes 5 to 12) teachers and homeschool parents.


  • Arts and Crafts in Waldorf Schools
  • Edited by Michael Martin.
  • Published by Floris Books, Scotland; January 15, 2018.
  • For Educators or Parents of children in the 5th through 12th grades 
  • 1.0" H x 9.4" L x 8.1" W (1.6 lbs) 304 pages
  • Softcover
  • Woodworkforestry, metalworkstone carvingclay modelingclay

*This book is available as a special order item.  Allow approximately 1 to 3 weeks for it to arrive from the publisher’s US distributor.



Preface 7
Introduction 9
Part 1
From Play to Work
1. From play in learning to joy in work 17
2. The age of 'work maturity' by Michael Martin 21
Part 2
Crafts in the Middle School
3. Preface to Part Two by Michael Martin 33
4. Getting ready for craft lessons (Class 5) by Johannes Geier 35
5. Shifting emphasis in craft lessons (Class 6)by Michael Martin 41
6. Crafts in the Middle School (Classes 5-8) by Walter Dielhenn 44
7. A forestry main-lesson class trip (Class 7) by Liesel Gudrun Gienapp 65
8. Reflections on moveable toys (Class 7) by Michael Martin 70
9. Investigating the nature of wood (Classes 6-8) by Klaus Charisius 77
10. Artistic elements in the crafts by Michael Martin 90
11. Colour in the craft room by Michael Martin 99
Part 3
Crafts in the Upper School
12. Arts and crafts and the human being (Class 10) by Michael Martin 103
13.Form-giving elements and techniques (Classes 9-12) by Michael Martin 106
14. Pottery lessons (Classes 9-12) by Gerd von Steitencron 126
15. Pottery workshops and modelling rooms by Michael Martin 146
16. The shoemaking block (Class 9) by Gerard Locher 148
17. Working with metals (Classes 9 and 10) by Herbert Seufert 156
18. Working with iron by Wolf von Knoblauch 168
19.Copper and iron workshops
 by Michael Martin 175
20.The joinery main-lesson