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Anna, Handmade Waldorf Inspired Wool and Cotton Doll

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Anna is a handmade doll made from wool and cotton in a Waldorf-inspired style. Her body and clothing are 100% cotton, her hair is wool and even her stuffing is a wool-cotton blend. This 11 to 12” doll is a wonderful first doll for children. She is the perfect size and amount of heaviness and cuddly-ness for your little one to have as his or her ‘real’ doll. 

In Waldorf preschool and kindergarten classes, dolls made from natural materials are a must for pretend play. Imaginary play in children develops between the ages of 3 to 5 years and is a stepping stone to future creativity and problem solving. Providing natural dolls gives the doll a warmer feel than plastic dolls. Besides, it just feels good knowing your child is playing with a sustainable, renewable, non-toxic and earth-friendly natural material toy instead of a non-renewable, potentially toxic and never earth friendly plastic made from petroleum. 

Welcome back to the good ole’ days, dolls. No plastic or synthetics. Just like it should be. 


  • Anna will arrive wearing a purple and white outfit.
  • Cotton & Wool
  • Age18+months
  • About 11” - 12” tall (handmade items have small variations)
  • Spot Clean as Needed