Collection: Main Lesson Books, Exercise Books, Subject Books for Waldorf Classrooms, Homeschool


What is a Main Lesson Book, and how is it different from the other “lesson” books, such as composition books, practice books and exercise books?

Think of a Main Lesson Book as a child’s self-made textbook. A Main Lesson Book (MLB) from the Waldorf perspective documents a child's progressional thinking and understanding from a concept being taught in a deeply creative way.

Why creative? Because when attaching emotion, which is part of creativity, to understanding, the learning is not only embedded deeper into the brain, but it's a way of teaching this understanding to others. And teaching to others is one of the best ways to deepen one’s own understanding even more.

Anyone looking through a child’s MLB should be able to follow along. A MLB is NOT for practice problems, or exercises. It is NOT for rough drafts and tons of written feedback. That is what all the other books and booklets are for 🙂.


PLEASE NOTE: We ship small and some medium lesson book orders in soft packs or envelopes. There will be a 2 or 3-book minimum for larger and extra large lesson books that do not fit inside envelopes (depends on the book on the 2 or 3 book minimum).

The cost of the box outweighs the markup of the book and we often go into the negative when shipping a single or double set of lesson books in a box. An order of three books is the minimum required amount to cover the cost of the shipping box with the larger books.