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William Wallace: The Battle to Free Scotland - Traditional Scottish Tales Books Kelpies | Alder & Alouette

William Wallace: The Battle to Free Scotland | Legends for Kids | Ages 4 to 7 years

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In the traditional tale written for 4 to 7 year olds, William Wallace: The Battle to Free Scotland is a riveting tale for children and adults alike about brain over brawn. This is the perfect legend for any 4 to 7 year old who loves pretend play as a knight!

Scottish noble William Wallace is living as an outlaw, the leader of a band of brave rebels fighting to free Scotland's people from cruel English invaders. When he discovers that a huge English army is gathering at Stirling Castle, hoping to end the Scottish rebellion forever, Wallace knows that despite the odds stacked against him, he must fight. But how can a small, ragtag group of outlaws win against the might of the English army?

This thrilling episode of Wallace's life, culminating in the legendary Battle of Stirling Bridge, is told through a gripping story and stunning illustrations, both packed with historical detail.

This inspiring story of William Wallace's decisive victory in the Scottish Wars of Independence reminds us that brain conquers brawn and that courage and cunning can win even against overwhelming odds. 


  • William Wallace
  • Written by Molly Macphersen and Illustrated by Teresa Martinez. 
  • Published by Kelpies, Scotland; May 19, 2020. 
  • Ages 4 - 7 years 
  • 0.3" H x 9.4" L x 11.0" W (0.55 lbs) 32 pages
  • Softcover