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Wendell the Narwhal

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Everyone in the ocean can make music, except for Wendell the Narwhal. His big, pointy horn can't go "pop" or "clappy clap clap" or even "whoosh". Will Wendell find a way to join in with the symphony of sea creatures?

"Teamwork helps a narwhal to participate in an underwater orchestra...Contained in a charmingly diminutive trim, the muted paintings of the various ocean dwellers stand out against an oceanic green background. A cacophony of sound words across each page depicts the transition from a loud clatter to a mellow tune….Preschoolers will enjoy repeating all the sounds as this aquatic symphony takes shape while they discover the names of some relatively unfamiliar sea creatures. Whether would-be musicians or not, children will find a lot to like in little Wendell. "
Kirkus Reviews


  • Written and illustrated by Emily Dove.
  • Published by Simply Read Books; January 22, 2016.
  • Ages 4 - 8 years
  • 0.5" H x 8.1" L x 10.0" W (0.95 lbs) 36 pages
  • Hardcover