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The Solstice Badger - Summer & Winter Solstice Tales - Alder & Alouette

The Solstice Badger

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The Solstice Badger tells the tale of the days when the Sun shone all day long, to a time the darkness became more and more. Today, we call these two opposite points in time the summer and winter solstices, and we define them with science. But long, long ago, the world knew it as a magical friendship between a badger and the sun. 

In the beginning, The Sun roamed the earth happy and filled with joy, but eventually he became terribly lonely and sad, and his light began to dim.

Aware of his plight, many of the earth's creatures tried to befriend the Sun, only to find his intense heat burned, and prevented them from getting too close.

To the Sun's great joy, one day there came a creature that found a way to get close to the sun, and soon the two became great friends. Staying longer and longer each day with his friend, the Sun's absence from the sky eventually caused the skies to darken and snow to fall. All living things suffered.

Would the Sun realize his impact on the world's suffering before it was too late? Would he have to leave his only friend and new found happiness forever in order to to save the world?

Robin's engrossing tale and ethereal illustrations bring the Sun's story to a satisfying conclusion as he learns that compromise, compassion, friendship, and wisdom will save the day.


  • The Solstice Badger
  • Written and illustrated by Robin McFadden.
  • Published by Green Turtle Press, April 21, 2014.
  • Ages 5 - 11 years 
  • 0.1" H x 11.0" L x 8.5" W (0.25 lbs) 38 pages
  • Softcover Picture Book appeals to children from age 5 up to about 5th/6th grade
  • Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Seasons, Magical Wonder, Folklore