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Teaching Waldorf Mathematics Grades 1 -8 Books Hawthorn Press | Alder & Alouette

Teaching Waldorf Mathematics Grades 1 -8

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Ron Jarman believes there is a math genius in every child and adult. Educators can use this comprehensive resource to teach math with imagination, laying the foundations for life. This resource helps educators develop confidence. It has been time tested for over 100 years by Waldorf teachers.

Drawing number work from everyday life stimulates children's interest. Ron shows how children can easily grasp math principles, so that educators are relieved of endless worksheets. Chapters include an overview of the Waldorf Math Curriculum, math and personal development, math and education and what engages children at different stages of development. Chapters then cover the math learning journey from Grades 1-8, with tips, worked examples, exercises, questions and diagrams.



  • Written by Ron Jarman.
  • Published by Hawthorn Press, December 1, 2020.
  • Written for Homeschool Parents and Educators
  • 304 pages
  • Softcover